The Death of Prince Phillip

Harris Jamieson Morris , Staff Writer

On the morning of April 9, 2021, the husband of queen Elizebeth II of England and the duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip was found dead after passing away in his slumber. The Duke served by the side of the Queens reign for just over six decades and died at the age of 99. Following the tragic death of Prince Phillips, marks an awakening point for the public, concerning the relevance of the royal family in modern times. 

Announced by her majesty midday Friday, her great grief and deep sorrow for her beloved husband was expressed. Following, the flags flew at half mast across the country with the addition of the bell of Westminster Abby ringing 99 times to honor each year of the Prince’s life. The funeral was held in a private traditional manner. Despite COVID precautions, the funeral will follow his wishes to the best of their ability.

Ironically the relevance of Prince Phillips’ death has drawn attention to the irrelevance of a modern monarchy. As the Queen’s reign comes closer to an end in morbid respect, unnecessary extravagance and growing loss of power begin to mark the end of an era for Britain’s history. When asked about the issue concerning the modern monarchy, Maddie Keefe, a sophomore at University City High School, mentioned a proper judicial and governmental system should be prioritized, “Although I don’t live in England, I can draw a connection between a sovereign state and poor treatment of their people. I just can’t see going into the future with a king and queen representing a country of some 55 million people.” 

On the other hand when asked about the loss of prevalence the monarchy holds Tommy Castronovo stated, “I think it’s sad that we see old traditions dying in front of our eyes.” He emphasized his grief and disappointment of the situation followed with a respect for the current state of the current country’s politics. 

Despite differences, the monarchy holds true to many of its traditions and it is safe to say the majority of England is still mourning the death of a great royal.