A Very Different New Year


Photo via Peter Parks

Can Demiral, Staff Writer

For the first time ever, people all around the world celebrated the turn of the year with social distancing regulations. Major events such as the New York Times Square Ball Drop and the New Year’s Eve firework show on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada were either turned into digital events or canceled. Junior Alex Malatesta, expressed his opinion on the pandemic’s effect on New Year’s celebrations, saying, “a lot of people were sadly not able to see their families over the holidays which upsets me because these are the times when we need our loved ones the most.”  Globally, 1.8 million people have passed away due to coronavirus. The virus has also taken its toll on people mentally as well, making it safe to say people need the support of others right now. Junior Emilia Ratkovic, who usually celebrates New Years’ with her family back in Belgrade, Serbia, says she could not see her relatives during holidays for the first time in her life. “My family decided it was best not to go back home for this year’s holiday season because traveling during this pandemic would have greatly increased our chances of contracting and spreading the virus. Better to be safe than sorry.” This year definitely provided us with a different approach to celebrating the turn of the New Year.