Should In-Person Graduation be an Option?


Photo via Reshot

Carly Pavlik, Staff Writer

As 2020 comes to an end and graduation season approaches, seniors all around the country are slowly finishing their final year of high school with one burning question still up in the air: is graduation going to be in-person this year? With COVID-19 still affecting everyone more and more each day, it is hard to tell whether or not receiving a diploma in-person is in the cards for the class of 2021. The class of 2021 has already suffered through missing half their junior year, no football or other sports seasons, no homecoming, and no senior activities that make senior year worth the wait. Additionally, seniors at La Jolla are watching tons of schools around the country, and even some schools in San Diego return to school and sports while their own district is still not allowed to. All seniors at La Jolla are still trying to keep as positive and hopeful as possible. 

Senior Abby Wintringer said, “I think we should be allowed to have an in-person graduation because we have the field space to have a socially distanced ceremony.” Wintringer also talked about how schools all over the country are going to school and playing sports in-person, so their class is deserving of a graduation. Unfortunately, the class of 2021 has only been able to attend La Jolla for two and a half years instead of all four, and it has affected the whole class. Senior Diego Solis elaborated on wanting to have in-person graduation. “Graduation is our last opportunity to see some of our classmates before we go off to college and don’t see them for a while.” He was excited to play football and basketball with all his boys and celebrate his final year at La Jolla. As 2021 continues to move fast, everyone in the community is hoping that our seniors can just have their graduation before they go off to college.