How The Filming Industry is Affected by Covid- 19


Photo via Film Rockdale

Michael Czajkowski, Staff Writer

Movies have always been a huge part of entertainment for the world. After COVID-19 struck, movies were obviously on the list to be affected. A question that came to everyone’s mind: what is going to happen to the industry and film production of movies? 

Because of the pandemic, business profits have decreased dramatically. Once the temporary lockdown ban has been lifted, businesses and industries are struggling to stay open. As freshman Sophia Rollick said, “There are obviously limited things they can do and there probably can’t be as many workers because of a building limit and much more because of COVID.” 

Movies are in the same predicament, as actors, actresses, crew members, etc. are needed to make a movie. Freshman Parker Callan said, “Movies are losing a lot of income,” According to the Observer, it was predicted that the movie box office would drop from 11.4 billion to 6.5 billion this year due to COVID. 

In the new movie, “Jurassic World: Dominion,” strict regulations needed to be followed in order to continue filming. According to Deadline, all of the cast, crew, and workers were temperature tested every day. Additionally, all of the areas and faculties were antiviral fogged after filming.

The filming of all movies has changed due to COVID. For example, scenes that require actors or actresses to be very close to each other, such as kissing scenes, would have to be filmed in a different way. Plexiglass is used, making actors or actresses seem close to each other; however it is removed later on. The production and industry have dramatically changed due to COVID-19, such as decreased income and increased safety measures during filming.