Viking Volleyball Works Towards Hawaiian Tournament


Hugh Gannon, Staff Writer

La Jolla High’s widely successful Varsity Men’s Volleyball team is starting up once again this February. In past years, the team has competed in the Open Division, which has enabled them to branch out to different districts and even different states. One of those states includes Hawaii, where they won a tournament in 2017. Now, four years later, a new generation of players is ready for another chance to compete. There is talk of a tournament this year in Hawaii. The volleyball coach, Mr. Jones, has not confirmed anything yet with the team, but if the boys live up to their golden reputation, the odds of them making the trip to the Aloha State are in their favor. 

Some members of the volleyball team are very enthusiastic about the speculation of the rematch. Senior Samuel Smith said, “It’ll be a very unique and memorable experience to play volleyball in a different state and to bond with the team.” If this trip occurs, hopefully it will promote team bonding like Smith said, which might just be the missing link for absolute perfection for this team. On another note, Senior Nolan Mitruka said, “I expect a quick tournament and lots of fun in Hawaii.” Mitruka continued, “There’s also a lot of good Hawaiian teams, but we should do okay in the tournament.” Hopefully, all these speculations will become a reality in the near future. If they do, there will be more devoted fans traveling with the team as they make their way to Hawaii.