Harry and Meghan Step Down from Royal Family


Ben Tobin, Staff Writer

On January 8th, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan announced that they would be stepping down from the royal family, meaning that Harry and Meghan would now split their time in the UK and North America in order to pursue a more independent lifestyle. According to Glamour, Harry and Meghan had no intention of leaving the Royal Family until their newborn baby came along. Meghan was the one who brought up the idea to Harry, who seems fully on-board.

While decisions concerning the royal family do not directly affect the United States, students still hold stances on the momentous decision. Sophomore Adri Becker said, “I think that their wanting to leave is completely justified and that they should not be tied down in order to please others, especially since the birth of their newborn, Archie.” 

In contrast, Sophomore Matias Gil said, “The Prince and Princess should not step down from the royal family because it is unorthodox and not justified. They are ruining their family’s reputation by seceding from this honor.”

Allegedly, Harry and Meghan will be spending half of their time in Canada. According to NY Post, Canada’s largest newspaper, The Globe, is against this. “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t welcome to live here because it’s unconstitutional,” reported The Globe

More updates regarding the situation will be released in the weeks to come. Regardless, this unprecedented decision is unprecedented for a reason. Those who are gifted into the life of royalty should not be allowed to reap the benefits, only to depart shortly thereafter.