NASA Planet Discovery

Grahm Churchill, Staff Writer

Recently, a NASA teen intern made a landmark discovery using new satellite technology. The discovery was found just three days into his internship. The planet is approximately the size of Earth, which raises the question of the possibility of life for scientists. Finding new planets always raises many questions as to the future of Earth and space travel. Scientists have named the planet TOI 700 d.

As of now, not much information is known about the new planet. The discovery shows that the planet has a red dwarf star, which raises the suspicion of sterilization due to the particles of radiation that can burst out of one of these stars. However, the biggest question scientists have about TOI 700 d is its habitable state. Scientists want to know if there is potential life on this planet or if life could be supported. 

This new discovery may lead to other discoveries in the future, as well as learning about the new planet and its characteristics. If we can learn more information about the area where this planet is located, scientists will be able to further advance their knowledge about life on other planets. Even if this new planet does not have life on it, if it is able to sustain life, it could be a major game changer for the future of our planet.