Chinese Camps: Re-education or Extermination


Spencer Noel, Staff Writer

The government of China, under current leader, Xi Jinping, has been forcing Uyghur Muslims into, what they call, “Vocational Education and Training Centers.” But, according to BBC World News, the camps are serving the purpose of torture and death camps. These people have been, in many cases, kidnapped from their homes and pressed into the camps simply because of how they look or act. 

According to The Washington Post, despite twenty-two nations coming together to speak out against this atrocity in 2019, many countries including the US do not seem to care, or at least care nearly enough. Other countries, however, agree with China in its re-education efforts, perhaps most shockingly of all the Middle Eastern Muslim countries that support them, like Syria and Saudi Arabia. It should not even be up for debate that these camps are completely unethical and immoral. Senior Andrew Adams said, “They are basically internment camps for the whole family with human rights abuse.” 

The camps are a stain on the human race as a whole, as they show that even in this new decade humanity continues to act barbaric and cruel. Senior James Remely said, “The Chinese education centers are anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, and most importantly, anti-human.” If the world ever comes around to gain its senses, they will see the true horrors that China has wrought upon the Uyghurs and the stains they have placed on the human reputation.