Nextdoor Neighbor App Crisis


Harrison Kaseff, Staff Writer

The Nextdoor Neighbor App has created lots of controversies in La Jolla because of what and how often parents are posting. The app is intended to allow neighbors to keep up to date with what is going on within their neighborhood. However, there have been recent cases where these parents have overstepped their bounds in La Jolla. 

Juniors Simon Babin and Luke Levinson see the app as more of a way for parents to stop kids from trying to have fun, rather than using the app for things needed to be done around the community; which is what the app is meant for. Babin said, “It’s funny to see uptight parents’ opinions.” Levinson added, “I think Nextdoor Neighbor is a way for people to take advantage of a resource with no real power. I think problems addressed on the app should be left to the police and people who are qualified to handle them.” It is quite obvious that students at La Jolla High are extremely opposed to the app.

According to the Better Business Bureau, this is not just a problem in La Jolla. Many people across the country have complained about Nextdoor. They say the app has invaded their privacy and that the app needs many changes. Also, there are problems with addresses being given to anyone who looks at a post by default and “they lie about the radius of access of those around you.” According to The Atlantic, the app reveals a lot about the current culture in America. It says that Nextdoor is where one simply gets annoyed with their neighbors. Some information on the app is not important to people or it is hurtful to those people. Not everyone needs to know when you see a cat without a collar outside or when a car speeds by your house at night.

The app is a way for parents to control more than they need to. It is not a parent’s business what goes on down the street if another family is going through something. If a teen speeds through La Jolla at night, a parent does not need to make a post at 11 PM, they need to go to bed. This app is just another way to monitor teens. However, the app is good for finding babysitters or handymen that help parents out with things that need to get done around their house. It is just not meant for parents to post every little thing that goes on next door. The Nextdoor Neighbor App is not meant for parents trying to get kids in trouble or telling neighbors to walk their dogs on leashes, it is meant to help parents with basic household chores; to make their lives easier, not harder.