San Diego Sets Up Third Homeless Facility


Ben Tobin, Staff Writer

On December 2nd, the City of San Diego opened its third homeless facility. It is located on 54th and Lea Street in El Cerrito. According to 10News, the facility is currently being regulated by Mental Health Systems, a nonprofit organization aimed to focus on people that are affected by substance abuse and mental health disorders. 

Sophomore Dante Babic said, “I think it was a bad idea because it could make the homeless people less motivated to find a job, and the space would be better used for family housing.” Unlike Babic, Junior Jack Weinberg speculated, “I think it was a great idea as there are plenty of homeless people and veterans that deserve to have a space to live. Increasing the number of facilities will help reduce the number of homeless people over time.”

Over 500 people flooded into the new facility to be housed. According to NBC San Diego, the new facility extended the available space for the homeless, allowing up to 1,400 people housed in the city. Allegedly, the neighbors to the facility welcome the new facility and hope it allows the homeless to overcome the challenges of unemployment and bankruptcy. The $11 million budget will keep the three facilities open through 2020 and allow tens of hundreds of people to have a home for the time being.