What is Your Dream Job and Why?

Lilly Henkes, Student Focus Editor

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“My dream job is to be apart of the ‘United States Marine Corps’ and the reason why is because my family has been part of the United States service and I feel like I need to be a part of that. It has always been a dream of mine to be a United States Marine.” ”

— Jakob Rolstad (12)

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“Go to the NFL because I’m really good at football.””

— Maki Smith (10)

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“To engineer cars, also build models and designs because I am really into cars.” ”

— Danny Molestina (10)

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“I would want to do something that deals with people because I don’t want to end up behind a desk, something like a salesman.” ”

— Walter Birnbaum (9)

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“ To be a world news reporter because I can travel the world and report on important issues.””

— Olivia Stobo (12)

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“To be a professional lawn mower because that’s what all my uncles do.””

— Phillip Pacleb (12)

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“Financial agent for pro athletes because I will still be involved with football but it’s more long lasting.””

— Isaac Ramirez (11)

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“I want to be a designer because I like fashion.””

— Lauren Kim (11)

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“A janitor because I have a unique ability to clean.””

— Sean Trinh (9)

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“I want to be in the olympics as a figure skater because figure skating is my passion.””

— Beth Wackerly (9)

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“A priest because they’re God’s messengers.””

— Crusoe Frapwell

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“Being a housewife.””

— Sarah Evans (12)