World Series – Houston Astros vs Washington Nationals


Connor Arnold, Staff Writer

This past week, historic events took place in the world of professional baseball. The World Series ended between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. A 6-2 win in game seven made the Washington Nationals the first team ever to win the World Series without a single home game win. Washington came in as the underdog with a 1% chance of winning their first World Series. Washinton has been waiting for the last 86 years to host a world series and may say the wait was worth it. Not only did they win their first world series, but they also broke a few records in the process.

Many students, including Junior Evan Sulgic, have been really invested in the games. “I want to see Washington win because I hate Houston,” Sulgic said. There are lots of rivalries in baseball, especially at La Jolla High School between students. Students like Junior William Barton wanted the classic underdog story. “It’s crazy how the Nat’s came in with a 1% chance of winning and somehow did the impossible. I was mainly just looking for some good games, but with the odds against them I really wanted to see the Nat’s win,” said Barton. Students like Junior James Dessert, on the other hand, have been rooting for the Astros from the beginning, and were really hoping they’d pull through. “I’ve been with the Astros since day one and I think they’re finally going to pull it off,” said Dessert.