Su Casa Says Adios


Daphne Adum, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 28th, the local restaurant Su Casa closed after serving the La Jolla Community for 52 years. Since 1967, Su Casa has been a casual and comfortable location in La Jolla to “feel the warmth of Mexico,” according to their website. On the Su Casa Facebook page, a letter was posted saying, “The restaurant as well as the owner are ready to retire. Thank you for making Su Casa Restaurant one of La Jolla’s most popular eating establishments. And thank you for your loyal patronage over the years.”

The building was originally a popular bar among the community called Lucky’s before it was transformed into the restaurant we know today by owner, Marshall Pear. Pear earned his living after inventing a popular barbecue flavoring for chips. Ownership was then transferred over to Moishe Chernovetzky, who has now sold the property to developers planning to tear down the restaurant and build a two story residential structure. The new building will have sixteen residential units and an underground parking area.

Some community members are sad to hear that the iconic Mexican food eatery closed at the end of October. Freshman Nina Bonaventure said, “I’m very sad about them closing. Su Casa will be missed.” While Freshman Scarlet Slagter, who lives close to the former-restaurant, comments, “It was always a nice place to have a family dinner”. 

Su Casa adds, “We have provided high-quality Mexican and seafood specialties for the last 52 years, since 1967, and have been an enthusiastic part of the local community.” Now, it is time for the community to say ‘adios’!