Halle Bailey as the new Little Mermaid

Halle Bailey as the new Little Mermaid

Sofia Giordano, Staff Writer

Disney’s new casting choices in the upcoming live-action film The Little Mermaid is causing an uproar in Hollywood.  The next Ariel is set to be 19-year-old singer-actress, Halle Bailey. Casting an African American as Ariel has caused some commotion concerning Hollywood’s path to diversify the industry. With this particular movie, casting Hallie Bailey, as Ariel, is not completely accurate. Halle Bailey does not represent specific qualities of the character Ariel, such as her long red hair and light complexion. According to the Washington Post, “it also prompted protests from some who were upset by the deviation from the animated character’s image, launching hashtags such as #NotMyAriel and #NotMyMermaid”. Although,  Hallie Bailey is a skilled actress that has portrayed multiple roles throughout her career, the media should not hold as much concern for her skin color as they do but focus on the quality of her acting, singing, and overall talent. 


Junior Bella Kandel said,  “throughout centuries the African American culture has been looked down underrepresented in Hollywood for a long time and it’s about time that movies start coming out of the general ‘norm’ ”. No matter the ethnicity of an actress, how the actress portrays the role in the movie as a whole is what should be focused on. Halle Bailey is an experienced, talented actress who shares common personality traits with the character Ariel, such as her bubbly personality and her angelic voice.  


Junior Sasha Moscona said, “the media is diversifying what children growing up are seeing in their fairy tales, which is important to the way they will remember and think about their childhoods.” Using Halle Bailey as the new Ariel in The Little Mermaid will progress mindsets towards racial equality and redefining the typical female lead. 


Halle Bailey’s experience could indeed accurately represent Ariel despite their physical differences. Halle Bailey can surprise all those who doubt her within her acting technique, and personality traits similar to the character Ariel. No matter the appearance of actors, their ability to play a role is what matters and is what should be important to the viewers.