Traffic Bottleneck At School Gates

Traffic Bottleneck At School Gates

Connor Arnold, Staff Writer

The new gates around campus have led to several complications when entering and exiting campus. One of the setbacks is all of the traffic they have caused by limiting campus access. The areas are heavily trafficked and dangerous, with stampedes of students trying to leave after school. 

The gates have been a hot topic lately at school. Evan Suljic shared, “It’s funny to watch the younger students trample over each other in their attempt to leave. If it’s that hard to just leave school, what’s going to happen when we really have to evacuate?” If there were an emergency and the school had to evacuate, it’s going to be a lot more difficult than prior without the gates. This also rises the issue of students getting hurt in the process.

    Students like Kristofer Backlund are afraid it is going to get worse when they have to wait for the custodians to unlock the gates. Backlund said, “I’m afraid that it’s going to become more of a hassle to leave school like at Muirlands, where everyone has to line up and the custodians have to unlock the gates and it’s going to take forever.” The recent fire drill was a great demonstration, with the entire student body trying to funnel through one gate. 

A few students also raised the concern of getting to school on time. Suljic went on to say, “It’s hard enough to find parking and get to class on time. But with the gates, I’ve got to walk all over to get into the school.”