Religious Clubs at La Jolla

Clubs At La Jolla High

Kristofer Backlund, Staff Writer

La Jolla High School has a diverse religious population of students. A key element of the religious clubs at LJHS is that they bring together people of different global cultures and religions. A couple of religious clubs at our school are The Jewish Student Union (JSU) and the Christian Gathering Club. Both clubs have some of the highest attendance rates at our school. Diving a bit deeper into the The Jewish Student Union, more commonly known as “Jew Club” to students around school. Vice President, Ben Davis, about some goals for the year and important information students should know about the club for the upcoming school year. Meetings will be held most likely once a month, on either Tuesday or Thursday. Meetings include informative talks about crucial life lessons and how they connect to the Jewish faith from a local Rabbi. Davis said, “…for you foodies , krispy kreme donuts are handed out at the end of the super chill meetings.” Some goals that Ben Davis has for the club is to increase average meeting attendance and get the club and its members more involved in the local Jewish community. Prominent club member junior, Evan Suljic, “the meetings are open to everyone. I feel included even if I am not part of the Jewish faith, also rabbi is extremely nice. The meetings are the highlight of my week.” On September 20th at Club Day look for their table in the quad and sign up.

The Christian Gathering Club is where Christian students can relax and have a good time together. We spoke to President and founder, Thibaut Losay, who hopes to inform the students that the meeting location has not been set yet, but the club will be meeting about once every two weeks at lunch. Thibaut says, “…my club is very inclusive and open to all Vikings”. Some typical activities at Christian Gathering Club meeting is to talk about the Saints of the day, bible readings, games, and then at the end eat pizza. A goal for the club this year is to have a higher attendance rate because the attendance rates waned at the end of last school year. Thibaut would like to remind the student body that Christian Gathering Club is open to everyone no matter what beliefs they hold. If you have any questions about the club, Thibaut wants to you to ask Vice President, Rhys Bugelli, Secretary, Cole Black, Treasury, Croix Black, or himself.
If interested, students have the opportunity to sign up for clubs on Club Day, which is during lunch on Friday the 20th of September in the main quad. If you miss club day, you can show up at the meeting of the club you are interested in, just remember to get on the email list for a club if there is one so you can stay updated.