Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A Nationwide Trend Comes to LJHS


Sofia Giordano, Staff Writer

Gender neutral bathrooms touches both the topic of equality, and public decency. Gender neutral bathrooms are simply just bathrooms. Gender does not dictate how a person will act, therefore, it is a bathroom that allows all human beings, not only specific genders. Evan Sulgic, an eleventh grade student attending La Jolla High School believes that, “gender neutral bathrooms can be beneficial if there is a long line and you were in a hurry”.
They provide a more convenient option when one needs to go to the bathroom. I believe that gender Neutral bathrooms can hold both a positive and negative effect on students, and can have an impact on parents’ choices in schooling.
In regards to gender neutral bathrooms in school, the majority of parents feel more comfortable when their child is in a bathroom with their same gender, due to their sexuality. Although not everyone is heterosexual, and some people might feel even more uncomfortable in a bathroom with their same gender.
Gender Neutral bathrooms can also become dangerous, with having the same gender restrooms, some believe people can be more susceptible to sexual assault. With both same sex, and unisex public restrooms this problem can occur, Sofia Herrler, an eleventh grade student who attends La Jolla High School, belives that, “as long as everyone is safe and people dont engage in sexual altercations it shouldnt be a problem”.
This is true, although this is putting people at risk, and can become a bigger problem if it is a multi stall gender neutral restroom.
On the contrary, La Jolla High school, as of the 2019-2020 school year has added a single stall gender neutral restroom. This version of a gender neutral bathroom can have a better appeal on parents and students. It provides a safer way to incorporate gender neutral bathrooms in schools. No matter what gender you are as long as everyone maintains respect for one another gender neutral bathrooms should not affect people in any way. I believe there should be the option of gender neutral bathrooms everywhere, as well as the option of same sex bathrooms, everyone has the right to choose which one they go into, without any pressure to choose either or.