Justin Bieber Sued for Running Over Paparazzi

Matthew Kelly , Staff Writer

It’s been two years since Justin Bieber had his literal run-in with Paparazzi. However two years after the event, the now paparazzo is suing Bieber. The incident occured back in 2017 when the then 23-year-old artist was leaving a worship service in Beverly Hills pulling away in his 2017 Dodge Ram pickup. As Justin was pulling away the swarm of paparazzi cleared, all except one, and photographer William Willson proved to be no match to Bieber’s pick up. Justin immediately got out of the car hoping to assist Wilson and remained at the scene until police arrived to take a report. The Police chose not to pursue any criminal charges and chalked it up to the accident due to multiple factors like the numerous camera flashes blinding Justin.

Soon after the event the photographer William Wilson posted a now deleted video on Instagram saying, “His is a good kid though. He got out, he was compassionate, he is a good kid, accidents happen.” Two years later, Wilson has decided to sue Bieber, accusing him of negligence, but his attorney claims the issue is with Bieber’s insurance, not Bieber himself. In the lawsuit Wilson filed in April, he alleged that he suffered “permanent disability, emotional damages and general damages.”

In an interview with Paige Six new, attorney Minh Nguyen said, “Mr. Wilson just wants full justice for the injuries and harm caused by the subject incident. Not a penny more and not a penny less…Justin Bieber’s insurance company should not get a discount because its policyholder is a celebrity. The rules of safety apply to stars, too … you cannot hit someone who is standing in the street and then ask for a discount.” Wilson has continually made is clear that he does not have any ill-will towards Bieber and hopes to resolve the matter swiftly.

Bieber had remained consistently quiet regarding the issue with no intentions of giving the media anymore ammunition. However just days ago, Bieber reportedly formally responded to the lawsuit claiming that the photographer has no one to blame but himself. According to TMZ, “Bieber just filed his answer to the lawsuit, and says it was caused by the negligence of the photographer along with his cohorts who were trying to snap a shot as the singer drove away.” The once dead story is now continually developing once again with a slightly different script. At least there was plenty of Paparazzi to capture the incident.