Matt the Trainer

Matthew Kelly, Staff Writer

Matt Bridges, or more commonly referred to as “Matt the Trainer” is a well-known face for athletes at La Jolla High School. Whether you were in severe pain or eagerly avoiding practice, chances are at one point you ended up in Matt’s office.

His love for sports and physical education drove him to major in Kinesiology with an emphasis on athletic training. In his words, “I always played sports as a kid and I knew that I wanted to stay in that realm.” After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, Matt worked as a physical therapist and athletic trainer all while starting his own business, MB Sports Medicine. In 2015, after serving three years at Patrick Henry High School, Matt took the job at LJHS.

In his three years at LJHS, Matt has spent innumerable hours on and off campus assisting with nearly all sporting events. This dedication to his personal endeavors and La Jolla High does not come without determination. When asked about what drives him most he said, “I enjoy the daily interaction with kids at LJHS while enjoying the benefits that come with working for myself.”

All those that have gotten the chance to spend time with Matt, voluntarily or involuntarily, are familiar with his dedication to his job, and have certainly heard, “just roll it out.”