Easton Rickards
Easton Rickards is a freshman in his first year as a staff writer of the Hi-Tide. He joined Journalism in seeking to become a better writer. He wants to become a better writer so he can learn about the wonders of writing and interviewing and enjoy it on his own.

In 2019, Rickards won second place in an English class essay competition. He also attended a book-a-thon over the summer before entering his freshman year. In the summer, he visited his cousins to go to a reading camp in Georgia. While there, he found many new interests in books that he never thought he would. He also interviewed people in the camp on their opinion of book genres and made a chart to show everyone what was more popular among their peers.

Rickards looks forward to working with new people and getting to know his class’ thoughts and interests about journalism. He welcomes anyone from outside the class to share their ideas on how to improve the newspaper, so the students and staff of La Jolla High School are proud to call the Hi-Tide their source of news.

Easton Rickards, Staff Writer

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Easton Rickards