Spotify Restrictions After Joe Rogan Commentary

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After Joe Rogan spread false information about COVID-19 and said racial slurs in his podcasts, Spotify recently removed 70 of his videos that received backlash. Some of Rogan’s questionable remarks include, “This is not a vaccine, this is essentially a gene therapy.” His skewed opinions on the contents of COVID-19 vaccines are proven false, and his large influence has caused untrue information to spread.

Joe Rogan came to the internet to publicly apologize for his actions, saying that it was the most shameful and regretful thing he ever talked about on the internet. Now, Spotify has implemented an advisory for any podcast that discusses COVID-19. Putting up a warning about a podcast speaking on COVID-19 isn’t truly going to stop anyone from spreading false information because people will believe whatever they hear. In addition, some people don’t want their work on the same platform as someone who’s so controversial.

This is not a vaccine, this is essentially a gene therapy.”

— Joe Rogan

The Spotify restrictions aren’t completely stopping people from listening to Rogan’s podcasts. Junior Wyn Smoole said, “This won’t stop me from listening to Joe Rogan.” Personally, I don’t think it’s the greatest rule change because it kind of silences people from being able to talk about COVID-19 with the new warning. In terms of what Joe Rogan is doing now, that’s undetermined. He got a job offer for him to stop working with Spotify and exclusively have his podcasts on Rumble which he turned down a 100 million dollar offer. As of Feb. 10, Joe Rogan is not going anywhere on Spotify even with their new rule implemented.