Were There Too Many People at Homecoming?

On Saturday, Sept. 25, La Jolla High School students spent a night in New York at homecoming. With homecoming being canceled last year due to COVID-19, students were very excited to be able to go to a school dance again. There were not too many at homecoming due to the fact that everyone had room to spread out and it was outside, which reduced the feel of overcrowding. For many freshmen and sophomores, this was their first high school dance which led to roughly 900 people at the dance which had a smaller dance floor than previous years. History teacher Jeremiah Tellers stated, “Yes I think there were too many people at homecoming, there was a lot of school spirit.” There were many different ways that they could regulate the amount of people, and masks were required, but not enforced.

With the crowd being composed of both LJHS students and students from other schools, junior Wyn Smoole believes that, “No I don’t think there were too many people at homecoming. Everyone was pretty spread out on the field so I thought it was a fine amount.”  While everyone was able to spread out on the baseball field, few people took the opportunity to do so while most were mingling in close proximity. Junior Gaia Miccincio also felt a similar way, “I don’t think that it was an unexpected amount of people considering previous years, it was expected to be busy and there was space for everyone to be spread out.” Having space for everyone at homecoming made it feel less crowded. There were not too many people at homecoming especially with lots of room to spread out with it being outdoors. While kids and teachers have different views on this topic, homecoming did have lots of people but also lots of room to socially distance.

via Pexels