Local Defiance over New Covid-19 Restrictions

Josephine Gettman, Staff Writer

As the coronavirus pandemic takes a turn for the worse in San Diego County, indoor businesses, including gyms, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and churches, have been forced to shut down their indoor operations once again. San Diego County has entered the purple tier, meaning that new coronavirus cases have been increasing rapidly, and more precautions are necessary to prevent more cases. Although businesses may stay open if everything is outside, business owners are still losing money, and most are not happy about the new restrictions.

Right before the coronavirus restrictions were put into place, the San Diego restaurants, Home & Away, Cowboy Star, and Butcher Shop, along with two gyms, Fit Athletic Club and Bear Republic filed a lawsuit on behalf of all gyms and restaurants in the county, asserting that the state and county covid guidelines violate their rights and the California Constitution. When asked about her opinion regarding the lawsuit, junior Hailey Dommers said, “I think that the business owners’ feelings are valid because they need money to pay for their bills, food, rent, etc. It’s a really difficult situation because something needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus, but we can’t just let business owners’ lose their source of income.”

Not only are the new restrictions impacting businesses, but they are also impacting consumers of their services, including students at La Jolla High. When asked about how she feels about the new coronavirus guidelines put into place and how it affected her, junior Ava Lancia, said “The gym closing has affected me the most because it was a place I was able to go to get out of my house, and it gave me something to look forward to. Most businesses aren’t able to move outside, so their businesses are forced to shut down, which is horrible for the owners.”