What did you do this summer?

Lilly Henkes, Student Focus Editor


Presley Cooper, 9th: “My favorite thing I did over the summer was playing beach volleyball.”





Mario Urbina, 10th: “I went to Mexico and stayed at home busy with family.”




Jackey Farias, 11th: “My favorite thing I did over the summer was playing in a softball tournament in Oregon.”





Kaiya Adams, 10th: “During the summer, I went to Toronto, Canada, and to the Kcon concert.”





Tahseen Hussain, 11th: “My favorite thing over the summer was surfing with some new friends, that was fun.”





Maddie Lyons, 10th:  “I went to a camp in Tennessee.” 






Nick Isaac, 9th: “I played water polo and basketball.”






Jenna Carioscia, 11th: “I went to beach, traveled to Chicago and to Europe.”





Abby Wintringer, 11th:  “I went to Cabo, kayaked, played volleyball, and hung out with friends at beach.”





Christe Dushine, 12th: “I went to visit a couple friends, stayed over at their houses, and slept a lot.”




Evan Garcia, 12th: “I traveled to the East Coast for lacrosse.”





Ethan Miller, 9th: “I traveled to Texas and hung out with friends.”