What advice would you give middle school you?

Priscilla Yamini, Staff Writer

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“Do your homework and read a book””

— Carter Cameron 11th-

“Be more shy, talk to less people””

— Emma Hanson 12th-

“Stick to baseball and work hard. Also, stay away from bad habits that can be made and try hard in school””

— Trey Metz 9th-

“Don’t be stupid””

— Alex Brown 10th-

“High school is not as big of a deal as they make it seem””

— Ava Dallal 10th-

“Not to dress like that””

— Chanel Stanley 11th-

“Don’t worry about middle school””

— Lorenzo Villela 12th-

“Don’t care about what other people think of you, focus on yourself, make yourself happy and not just other people””

— Adri Becker 9th-

“Talk more””

— Simon Babin 10th-

“Do your homework and study for tests””

— Ian Marcus 11th-

“Stop being shy and try to talk to more people””

— Caitlynn Wisco 12th-

“Don’t complain about being stressed because you’re not””

— Arianna Monell 11th-